TWO SERVICES // 9:00 + 10:30 //

Every Sunday at the Gardendale Civic Center


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Draw the Circle

This small group is a 40-Day Prayer Challenge called Draw The Circle by pastor, author, Mark Batterson. There will 5  fifteen minutes video studies in which Pastor Mark reveals how taking up this challenge will not only change the way you pray today but also dramatically impact generations. Miracles that happen in your life decades from now will trace their origin back to this season of prayer. Will you take the challenge with me and learn to not only draw your prayer circle but also form your prayer circle with other believers in Christ?

Host: Dava Hand

When: Saturdays at 10:00-11:00am

Where: Home of Dava Hand

Group is for: Ladies



Couples Game Night

Join us and other couples for board games and dinner every Friday night at 7 pm.

Hosts: Kyle & Jamie Hatcher

When: Fridays at 7pm

Where: Hatcher's house

Group is for: Couples


We're a church of Small Groups.

Looking for a place to connect and grow at Church 29:11? It's within small groups where lifelong friendships are formed, lives are changed and true discipleship happens. Everyone needs to be a part of a small group! To register for a small group, simply select one from the list below, and enter your contact information in the form at right. Below the sign up form are some FAQs about small group registration. If you have a question that is not addressed below, feel free to send an email to!


Guys getting together to have fun and play video games! Everyone is welcome to bring their own console and as many controllers as possible!

Hosts: Christian Nielsen & Hayden Boyet

When: Tuesday Nights

Where: 332 Arwood Drive, Gardendale

Group is for: Young Adult Guys

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Girls Stuff

Every Wednesday night at the Gardendale Civic Center from 6:30-7:30.

Hosts: Dava Hand & Kristen Stephenson

Group is for: Girls Ages 4 and Up

I have registered for a small group. What do I do next?
Awesome! We are so glad that you have found a small group! Once the small group host receives your registration, they will contact you via your preferred method of contact to fill you in on all the details about the small group.


There are a couple small groups that sound perfect for me! Can I register for more than one small group?
Of course! But be careful not to overload your plate. Small groups are most effective when everyone makes their group a priority and commits to being at as many meetings as possible.


I don't see a small group that fits my wants/needs. What should I do?
We are so sorry that there wasn't a group available that fits your wants and/or needs; however, there is probably someone that needs the same group you were looking for. We encourage you to consider hosting a small group! Register your group or learn more about hosting a small group right here.


Small Group FAQs

Puppers in the Park

Fellowship between us and our furry loved ones! They need a small group too!
P.S. - All dogs go to heaven.

Host: Caleb & Kelsey Hatcher

When: Saturdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

Where: Fultondale Dog Park

Group is for: Anyone

A Healthier You

This group will not only strengthen a woman's soul, but will help her take care of her body and mind, too.  In addition to building us up spiritually, this group will bring practical knowledge on how to live a physically fit and healthy lifestyle.

Host: Kelsey Hatcher

When: Mondays 6-7

Group is for: Ladies


Join us as we meet together for fun, fellowship and service!

Host: Betty Hand

Group is for: Older Adults

Prime Time Singles

This is a group where singles, divorcees, or widows are in their prime years can come and join in on fellowship, fun and worship. If you feel you are in the prime time of your life then come join us.

Host: Donna Williams

When: First Meeting - Februaray 11th - 4pm at Baja California

Group is for: Ladies


In this group we will get together every Sunday at 3 pm and join in fellowship as we play disc golf at various locations.

Host: Micah Lamb & Brent Walker

When: Sundays at 3pm

Group is for: Anyone

Just Hangs

We are gathering together to just hangout and spend time with each other.  We will hammock, walk the (slack)line, throw the frizz, and grow together.  Who's with me?

Host: Justin Hirtle

When: Sundays 2:00-4:00pm

Where: Various Parks

Group is for: Anyone

Better Together

Better together is for young adult women- a place of love and belonging - where encouragement and fun abounds. Join us as we spend time together each week deepening our relationships with one another over dinner/coffee. We believe we aren’t meant to do this alone. Life is better when we’re in it together!

Host: Lindsey Lamb

When: Tuesday Nights 6:30

Where: Home of Lindsey Lamb

Group is for: Young Adult - Ladies 


The course is set up as a process to renew our minds. We will be following a study by Messenger International the ministry of John & Lisa Bevere. We will be sharing with each other the challenges of our thinking and how God’s Word will help us to transform our minds.  This will be a time of God’s Word, food, fellowship & prayer.

Host: Anita Sanford

When: Saturday's 9:00am

Where: Home of Anita Sanford

Group is for: Ladies




Fire and Faith

Group fellowship and interaction around food and fire when possible. Sharing the Word and personal incidents that will help develop faith for a deeper walk with Jesus

Host: Curt Sanford

When: Every other Friday - 6:30-7:00pm

Where: Sanford’s and other homes

Group is for: Anyone

Heart to Heart

Ladies, join us every Wednesday for coffee and heart to heart conversations with friends! This group meets every Wednesday at 7 pm at Starbucks in Gardendale.

Host: Jamie Hatcher

When: Wednesdays at 7pm

Where: Starbucks in Gardendale

Group is for: Ladies

Love is a Verb

We want to spread the love of Christ through outreach. We want to bless others by reflecting Christ and meeting needs in the community.

Host: John & Marissa Norton

When: Saturdays

Group is for: Anyone

Royal Rangers

Every Wednesday night at the Gardendale Civic Center from 6:30-7:30.

Hosts: John & Bonnie Gilmer

Group is for: Boys  Ages 4 and Up

7 Questions

7 Questions is a small group experience that enables you to explore God's design for manhood.

Host: Kyle Hatcher

When: Saturdays at 8:30am

Where: Cracker Barrel

Group is for: Men

29:11 Teens - GATHER

This is a night to chill and relax before the start of the week.  We will have food, games, and a fire most night.  Lets get to know each other better.  Who's with me?

Hosts: Justin Hirtle

When: Last Sunday of each month at 5pm at Justin's house.

Group is for: Teenagers Grades 6 and Up