Meet Ups FAQ

What are Meet Ups?

Meet Ups are events, gatherings, and hangouts where laughs are shared, friendships are born, and lives are connected. We all need relationships and to feel like we belong. So whether you're new to 29:11 and looking for a place to fit in, or if you've been around a while, Meet Ups are for you. Find a MeetUp here.

Who are Meet Ups for?

If you're a new Christian, Meet Ups are the perfect place to make Christian friends. If you're new to our church, Meets Ups are a great way to get connected to our church. If you've been a part of 29:11 for years, Meet Ups are the place where you can make new friends. Meet Ups are for anyone.

How often do Meet Ups meet up?

It varies. Some will meet up just once, some may meet up regularly. It all depends on the group.

What kind of Meet Ups are there currently?

Click here for a list of upcoming Meet Ups. Don't see one for you? Consider hosting one.

Are Meet Ups different from a Grow Group?

Meet Ups are centered around creating relationships. That's it. They're fun, low-key events where we hangout and get to know each other. Grow Groups, on the other hand, are about spiritual growth and focus on learning, growing, and engaging with the Bible in new ways. Meet Ups are fun. Grow Groups are meaningful. Both are needed in your walk with Christ.

How do I host a Meet Up?

We'd love for you to host a Meet Up! Click here and let us know what you're thinking, and we'll be in touch soon to help you get started.

Meet-ups bring people together to create meaningful friendships. They’re hosted, from initiation to execution, by anyone at 29:11. We want to see Meet Ups as a place where laughs are shared, friendships are born, and lives are connected.

Has finding community been a challenge? Not knowing where to start can be tough, and finding community can often feel forced when you’re brand new. Meet-ups break the tension between strangers by bringing people together around fun experiences and relaxed environments.