Why another church in North Jefferson County?

Church 29:11 is the dream of Pastor Rick and Dava Hand.  After 25 years of ministry, it was time for something different, because in order to reach those no one else is reaching, you have to do something no one else is doing. Church 29:11 was planted with this purpose—to reach those who are not connected.

The dream is a church that reaches out to the more than 20,000+ people who live in North Jefferson County that are not affiliated with any Christian church by being:

A church without traditions that alienate the unchurched.
A church that shares the love found in Jesus with everyone—especially those who have become disenfranchised from the church.
A church with a purpose beyond itself.

A church for anyone while understanding it may not be for everyone.
A church that offers everyone an opportunity and a place to serve God along with the training and support they need—because everyone has something awesome to do for Jesus!